Have horse, will travel


I've been to a few castings recently and have found myself saying really stupid things and having massive verbal diarrhoea.

This reminded me of one particular case of the blabs I had when I auditioned for the 'Into the Woods' Disney movie a few years ago.......

"OK J.J. that was great thank you", the Californian casting director said politely, "just one question, this is 'Into the Woods' so there will be some horse riding. Have you ever ridden a horse?"

I thought for a beat.

I can't ride a horse.

"Yes I have ridden a horse before", I replied honestly, remembering a time I was just plonked on a horse when I was 5.

I could have stopped there and thanked her very much for her time.

I didn't.

I thought for another beat.

"I've also ridden a cow!" I remembered also being plonked on a cow at a similar time as the horse.


"OK then J.J., thanks so much for coming to see us, we'll be in touch"

I'm still waiting for the call.


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