Going Nowhere - New Exciting Project!


I will be featuring in the up-coming series Going Nowhere with Disclosure. It’s sure to be a very exciting project with a pioneering release!

Sandra and Martin dislike each other. In fact it would be better to say that Sandra and Martin despise each other. Unfortunately for them, they have to work together. Closely.

Finding themselves in claustrophobic, confined situations, they battle their personal demons and the job at hand, all the time scheming for the same promotion - a promotion that only one will win.

With an array of unhelpful characters and clients who exacerbate every situation we bare witness to unbridled boozing, a chronic case of closet syndrome and two barely 30 something people stretching out to join hands with the seedy grasp of a nihilistic modern world – a world of their own making.

Always being stuck between where they have been and where they are going, Martin and Sandra constantly feel like they are going nowhere. Fast.


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