Act Your Age - Are you sure you're only 30?


Great to have been shooting another advert this week, although my ego was slightly bruised when I found out I was playing the fake father of a 12 year old (I could just about cope with that) AND a 17 year old (much harder to take).

I've always looked older than my age due to my receding hairline and immense wisdom, but come on, I'm 30! Making me 13 when my eldest fake son was born. Which, had this been real life, would have put a serious dent into my Lego Technic and GoldenEye playing time.

I remember asking my old agent to put me up for a role I'd seen on Spotlight of a character who was 24.

"Oh, I'm just not sure you could play a 24 year old, J.J.".

I was 24.

For the whole of my 20s my "playing age" was 25-35, now I'm 30 my "playing age" is 30-(youthful!) 40 I suppose. I'd love muggles to have to think about the upper age of what they could realistically be; it would either be a great cure for vanity or a huge boost to the botox and cosmetic surgery industry.

I'm only half joking, thankfully being an actor gives us thick skins. The way I see it, every year older I get, the closer I am to looking my age. At some point, when I cross the age/face continuum, I'll end up looking younger than I am and will be the most youthful looking 50 year old you have ever seen. Brad Pitt is set to play me in the Benjamin Button sequel.

It was a lovely little job that hopefully will give me some nice material for when I update my showreel. Should be out in March.

P.S. I'm 31 next week.


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