TV & Film 

autopsy: the last hours of 

Title: Janis Joplin

Role: Paul Rothchild

Production: Potato TV - ITV

Director: Steve Webb

Year of production: 2016

Going nowhere 

Title: Series 1 and Christmas Special

Role: Various

Production: Disclosure

Director: Robert S J Lucas

Year of production: 2013

 Bottom's Dream

Title: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Role: Bottom

Director: Daniel Parkes

Year of Production: 2011

Odd One In 

Title: Series 2, Episode 1

Role: Paulo the Italian

Production: ITV/Endemol UK

Director: Richard Valentine

Year of production: 2011

It's a kind of magic... 

Title: It's a Kind of Magic...

Role: Narrator and Magician

Production: Power Pictures

Director: Roz Power

Year of production: 2008